Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop Guerlain reviews & buy online

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I was forever looking for a rose scent to make me like roses and this just might be it. The violet/rose combo makes it very sweet smelling floral. I don’t get much powder from it, but I think it is just me as I never find violet in any perfume “powdery”. I get a fun, youthful kind of vibe from it and overall very pleasant. And of course the Guerlain quality one would expect. It’s quite transparent, sweet, moist, soft, floral, cheerful yet elegant.

Very pretty, but I’ve swapped mine with a friend since this one isn’t getting the love from me that she deserves. And, though it’s D/C, it can still be found online for about $40 USD. Of all of these, to me, the Rose takes the show although one can easily smell everything. Maybe it’s because I’m a rose girl. It does end up much like Paul Smith’s Rose. Perhaps it is also a bit like Jo Malone’s Red Roses.

I’ve smelt a perfume similar to this but can’t put my finger on it. Reminds me of Bulgari Rose essentially edp. This is a joyous rendition of the makeup scent genre, juicier than other versions due to the berries. Rose scents are not my favorite, but the blending of the other notes in Rosa Pop male tbis very wearable for me.

There’s a hint of rose, and a pinch of violet. The berries are stronger than either of these, to me. Rosa Pop is a mix of violets and roses, but violets are much more noticable. The “lipstick” smell is also there. Some citrus, lots of powdery violet and rose.

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Do not expect any kind of “scent cloud” with Rosa Pop. If you freshened up YSL Paris into a light delightful body spray youd have Rosa Pop. A fun watery lipsticky violet and rose with berries for spring and summer. Youthful, feminine, and great for a top note refresher for layering enthusiasts. This fragrance does not take you through a memory story-it is linear, exactly what it states. Opening smells like citrus and berries.

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