Application for Graduation My Illinois State

A minimum of 150 credit hours is required to receive both degrees. There are three ways to complete General Education requirements at Illinois State University. The first way is to complete Illinois State’s General Education Program. The second way is to complete the Illinois Transferable General Education Core Curriculum available through the Illinois Articulation Initiative . This program, designed for transfer students, is a statewide agreement between participating colleges and universities and some private schools that is designed to facilitate timely degree completion. The degree is pursued by all undergraduates in the School of Social Work and is recognized as the first professional degree in the field that prepares undergraduate students for beginning generalist social work practice.

Statement of Purpose – The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree encourages the acquisition and display of talent in theatre and art, with special emphasis on aesthetic performance and understanding. The degree is typically pursued by individuals interested in the creative and fine arts. Completion of a second major, a minor, or a second minor is optional unless specified by the student’s major.

As a new Illinois State graduate, you are automatically a member of the Illinois State University Alumni Association, which is over 230,000 alumni strong. And provide leadership and advice in matters of graduate curriculum and allocation of personnel and financial resources. Common Application lets you apply to multiple schools with udayton career services one application. Will include graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, and Mennonite College of Nursing. Will include graduates from the College of Applied Science and Technology, College of Business, and the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts. Submit your application and fee in person or by mail.

Additional Pathway and Academic English programs are available for those needing extra support with their English skills. The 2.00 grade point average is established as the undergraduate standard for minimum performance in admission of transfer students, admission of re-entering students, probation, reinstatement, continuation in the major, and graduation. Some majors or sequences may have higher requirements. Academic departments, in consultation with the college deans, may establish supplemental criteria for admission to the University and to department programs.

Your participation in the commencement ceremony is voluntary. Commencement ceremonies are held in May and December only. Graduate programs require higher minimum scores for admission. Federal regulations require proof of financial resources to pay for the first year of study at Illinois State.

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