AP Psychology Exam Cram Sheet: Perspectives Flashcards

It’s not easy to decide which AP classes to take in high school. Depending on how many options you have, you could structure your schedule in vastly different ways. Check out this guide to learn how many AP classes you should take in high school based on your goals and individual circumstances.

This site has multiple choice quizzes on all of the major concepts from AP Psychology. Schmoop has another collection of videos that review concepts in a nice and simple format. These videos ap psychology cram are categorized in a slightly different format than your text book but it’s definitely worth a look. Khan Academy videos are another great way to review concepts and prepare for the exam.

If you have your phone with you, we suggest turning it on silent and putting it away. Close any outside communication applications and remove temptations from your study site. You want to be able to completely focus on the task at hand and not waste valuable study time trying to remember where you left off after you’ve been distracted. Biological Approach To Psychology Essay Out of all the approaches to psychology, the biological approach uses the most scientific explanation for human behavior.

Cognitive Dissonance And Social Psychology One of the most interesting subjects that depicts many explanations about human behavior is psychology. Biological Vs Cognitive Psychology Essay Psychology has a plethora of varying approaches to explain a person’s condition. A biological perspective applies the principles of biology, using scientific… You can change up the format to simply show you flash cards, play quiz games, type in answers, time yourself, etc. If you just go to quizletand search for Myers AP Psychology or even just AP Psychology you will find more than enough flash cards and vocab to keep you busy for hours. Here are all the Myers AP Psych vocab compiled in one spot.

These are based on the Myers text, but are useful no matter what textbook you are using. International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges. Click this link to calculate your potential AP Psych test score based on how well you are doing on practice exams. Here are some resources to help you prepare for the 2 big essay questions on the AP Exam (Free Response Questions / FRQ).

This site has tips for answering the questions and some sample questions and scoring guidelines. Your text book was written before the new DSM V came out. There are a few changes to the DSM IV that you must know about. Here is an excellent 1 page document to help you memorize the changes. This site is full of more video tutorials on all of the major concepts from AP Psychology.

Here is a site with PDF copies of unit study guide as well as online quizzes that you can grade and see results from instantly. The chapters are ordered slightly different than our text book but the quizzes are perfect. Don’t go over a section of AP Psych notes once, quiz yourself, and then decide you’re done with it forever. Every few topic areas, circle back and do a holistic review of everything you’ve learned so far. Make a point of constantly refreshing your memory so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. You can use the complete AP Psychology review sheets I’ve linked at the end of the notes section as resources for these review sessions.

You might also consider buying a review book if you’re looking for more guidance in planning out your studying. Flashcards are considered a traditional studying method for a reason—they work! One side either asks a question or states a vocabulary term, and the other side answers the question or defines the vocabulary term. Flashcards are highly effective and they don’t take a ton of time to make. There are a plethora of websites and apps that allow you to make your own digital flashcards for free. One of the most helpful tips we received from previous graduates was to make your own study guide.

Max Wertheimer noted that rapid sequences of perceptual events, such as rows of flashing lights, create the illusion of motion even when there is none. Motion pictures are based upon this principle, with a series of still images appearing in rapid succession to form a seamless visual experience.

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