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Oftentimes, people would, what they’ll do is they’ll put their rent, they’ll put their insurance payment for the building or something there for the company car or something like that. But they won’t put, okay, here’s a bill for this particular software that I use for my business. You need to list all of your income that you know for sure you’re going to have coming in. You’re going to list all of your expenses for your business, all of them, you guys.

It provides clear ways you can help your students set up their future beginning even as early as grade school so they are not burdened by debt and build skills that will serve them for their lifetime. Ericka Young and Chris Young sit down to discuss the keys to staying married for 25+ years. We talk about the importance of having vision not only in your finances but your relationship and how to balance it all.

But when I walked into the college campus, no one taught me, what’s a credit card? How to budget, how to build wealth, how do you build wealth? You know, no one taught me the basic stuff about finances.

This woman has given me so much wisdom to where I owe her, like, a hundred thousand dollars. And I said, “Okay.” And He said, “Yeah.” And I’m very big on the Christian faith. And so it felt good, Amy, to be able to make that much money and, watch this, and be able to give a lot of money. ₹199 per month after 30-day trial.

Covers everything from SAT, credit cards, FAFSA, college visits, mindset, savings accounts, the works. A college education is supposed to prepare a graduate for their husband won t share tax refund future, not rob them of their paycheck and freedom for decades. Debt-Free Degree shows parents how to pay cash for college and set their child up to succeed for life.

I think a lot of people, when they start making money in their business, and entrepreneurship is a whole different world, where you can make a whole lot of money fast. I grew up in a very strong, like I said, Christian-faith home, but not a home that comes from wealth. You know, I grew up watching my mom work three jobs.

But now that I know how to work and grind, now I know how to put that in a right way to generate good income as an entrepreneur for me and my future family. Ah, and you’re doing an amazing job with it. And my favorite is when you throw something out, like, here’s the situation with a guy going out on a date, and then something about money, and what would you do? These are hard questions.” So I really love that, so keep those coming.

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