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What I love most about the Smart Pressed Juice Cleanse is that it is practical and gentle enough to do anytime, anywhere. Juices contain pounds of vegetables- don’t settle for a pesticide cocktail. Organic pressed greens contains a high variety of vegetables. Each vegetable has a unique profile of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which help perform different functions in our bodies. Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart. A lush bounty of thoughtfully selected superfoods specifically designed to transform your health.

But before I start a cleanse, I like to look at the timeline to see if it is something manageable for my lifestyle. According to the Smart Pressed Juice website, their recommended outline for one of their cleanses runs from 8am to 8pm. If you take a look at the timeline below, straight from their website, you can see that there is a meal involved – so this is not a cleanse where you are starving yourself. They suggest that your meal be something “clean,” and I like to keep my meal vegetarian when I am cleansing. Now, I had already been using the Pineapple Chia and like I said, it’s my nightly after dinner ritual, so I wasn’t sure if having it twice would be OK or not.

I don’t know about you, but I like having fun on the weekend and that sometimes means going out to eat or enjoying a beverage with friends. So it’s just nice to reset with my maintenance cleanse and get back on track. The schedule above is what I did for my first three day cleanse, the one where I lost all my vacation weight. Top 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight article, you already know that Shakeo is my tried and true secret weapon. Also, when I bought the bulk items from Smart Pressed Juice, the Vanilla Proteini has the largest container, but the least amount of servings! It only has 20 servings, so if I used that twice a day I would only get 10 days of cleansing and I wanted to get all I could.

Alkalize, detox and mineralize with our superfood blend of cracked cell chlorella, spirulina and sea veggies. We actually juice fresh young wheatgrass, barley grasses and alfalfa because it yields 6x more greens. Our bodies don’t digest grasses very well so juicing is the best way to reap the amazing health benefits of grasses.

I really liked the sound of that, and was interested in their cleanses for sure. Since writing my post, The Top 5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight, I have been getting some inquiries as to how I use Smart Pressed Juice as a cleanse. Get all the latest grand discounts and offers by signing up for the newsletter today. Be sure to add our email address to your email contact list to get easy order tracking details. PASS/FAIL/WARN does not necessarily prove the presence or absence of ‘fake’ reviews.

Also, I love my chocolate banana peanut butter pow Shakeo and was craving it, per usual. Smoothie recipe I LOVE, and I’ll talk about that in a bit when I explain my modified maintenance routine with Smart Pressed Juice. Anyway, there are lots of recipes out there to try with this mix so you can surely find something senapati movie cast you like. I tried to make a salad dressing and it was a fail – but probably totally user error, haha! So then I made a smoothie with some frozen mixed fruit , ice and water, and it was pretty darn tasty. Enjoy the benefits of our soothing adaptogenic blend featuring ashwagandha, triphala, aloe and more.

“I can tell you from personal experience this stuff works. It really helps curb your cravings and it’s a great way to jumpstart you back into health. It detoxes your body and gets you back into healthy eating. It helped jumpstart my weight loss and my health journey.” Unlike other cleanses I have tried, that seemingly had me rushing to the restroom multiple times and therefore had to be done over a three-day weekend, this one has zero discomfort.

As soon as I saw those results, I knew this cleanse was a keeper. Since then I have come up with a modified maintenance cleanse that works really well for me and I have been doing it weekly for almost two months now. We feature 11 different farm-fresh vegetables including kale, spinach, broccoli, beets and more.

So on the Smart Pressed Juice website, they offer 1, 3, and 7 day cleanses. The “Everything You Need Bundle” includes the amazing Pineapple Chia Cleanse , plus the Vanilla Vegan Proteini, Organic Pressed Greens, and Revive Beets and Roots. Do you have time to get a wide variety of organic veggies, then wash, chop and juice them every single day? That’s why we created an organic greens juice that takes 30 seconds or less. Our bodies crave organic vegetables every single day-this is the best way to nourish it and reap the health benefits.

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