An In-Depth Look At The Top Caribbean Medical Schools

The Student Programs Director serves as the CiM Liaison and is responsible for coordinating program activities sponsored by the school, such as workshops and events. Inspiration for GHHS began in the late 1990s when medical educators and residency program directors convened to explore the viability of an honor society to promote humanistic values and behaviors. Since its inception, GHHS has grown in stature and influence to become a vital part of medical school and residency training program cultures throughout the US.

Payments made be done electronically by filling out the Payment Processing Form. A period of three to five working days will be required for the processing of requested documents. SJB Alumni remind us of our beginnings, bring fought fond memories and remind us of the importance rensselaer polytechnic institute notable alumni of our commitment. And looking into our future, we see an alumni community that is engaged in assisting their Alma Mater in perpetuating their legacy in graduating health professionals who are responsive to the health needs of underserved and medically vulnerable populations.

While some schools are less competitive and have lower GPAs and MCAT requirements, schools with medical programs that are “easy” to get into might not be your best option. Unlike other Caribbean schools, RUSM is U.S.Title IV Funding eligible and has awarded over $50 million in scholarships and grants in one recent year. To give newly admitted students a good idea of their school’s campus life, RUSM offers complimentary school tours, including airfare and a two-night hotel stay. Last but not least, the Ross University School of Medicine is an impressive international school located in Two Mile Hill, Barbados.

This is a great article that covers some of the details of going to med school in Puerto Rico. Each school lists on their website that they are accredited by the LCME. Ponce School of Medicine has been in existence for about 41 years, and they have graduated some 2,000 physicians. Also, graduation requirements mandate that all students take and pass the USMLE exam, which is nice, but expected since Puerto Rico is part of the US. Discover the schools, companies, and neighborhoods that are right for you.

This policy will apply to students that participate in the Title IV Federal Programs who, after initiating classes, withdraw, or are dismissed from the school within the sixty per cent (60%) of the semester’s term. This is a mandatory policy in accordance with the changes of the 1998 Reauthorization Law to the Higher Education Act, as amended, and is in force for all withdrawals and dismisses that come about in or after October 7, 2000. A student will be placed on a Veteran Academic Probation if the cumulative or term GPA, or if the completion of courses attempted falls below the established SAP of the academic program in which the student is enrolled. The VAP restricts registration, but does not prevent the student from enrolling in a subsequent term. The VAP policy requires that the student contact the School Certifying Official at SJBSM to be advised on the steps to have the VAP removed, and briefed on the possibility of being placed on Veteran Benefit Denial if SAP is not met while on VAP status.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. Serves as a liaison between students, Faculty, and administration personnel. By acquiring your SJBSM Alumni Key, we offer you the opportunity to re encounter old friends, rekindle fond memories, meet new colleagues and become a part of the SJBSM alumni that is actively contributing to the success of students and your Alma Mater. A student can appeal a VBD decision with the Office of Veteran Affairs, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

She was a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Clinical and Translational Sciences until April 2018 and continues to be a member of the Editorial Board of its Journal. Dr. Estape has been very active in the Editorial Board of the PR Health Sciences Journal since 2011, is a peer-reviewer for several national and international scientific journals and is an active grant reviewer for the NIMHD loan repayment program. Welcome to the Clinical Skills Department and Community Engagement Department. Our Department strongly believes that the training received by our students will prepare them for positions in hospital, academia, health administration or any other clinical or healthcare organization.

By their active involvement, SJBSM students demonstrate their commitment to the improvement of health care for all people. Students represent the SJBSM at regional and national conferences, where they share their concerns about health services rendered in Puerto Rico. All students enrolled in the School are required to have health insurance.

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