Air Hockey Table Dimensions, Size and Regulation

The following tables will give you an idea of how much space an air hockey table will take up in your home . It’s big enough for both adults and kids to enjoy a game, and if it’s a broad model like the Pro Ice, it might even be suitable for doubles. It’s big enough for both adults and kids to enjoy a game, and if it’s a broad model like the Pro Ice down below, it might even be suitable for doubles. There are also 5ft tables that are fun and made with kids and families in mind.

Place the goal a puck thickness lower than the slot and use the four mounting holes to attach the goals. The acrylic playfield’s top surface sits exactly 2cm below the top of the frame. As the spacers need to support the acrylic from the bottom, draw a line 2.2cm from the top accounting for the 2mm acrylic thickness. Leaving around 5cm from either side, glue the spacers equally spaced out from each other. On the length strips glue 5 spacers and on the width strips glue 4.

But, if buying for professional purposes, then 7 to 8 feet table is the best pick. In spite of the arcade air hockey table dimensions, they are not approved for tournaments because some of their features such as sound effects and flashing lights do not meet the official requirements. In tournaments, such features would be considered a distraction. Apart from the regulation size air hockey table dimensions, you can also find a longer arcade air hockey table as well as miniature models with smaller dimensions for recreational play at home. In conclusion, the standard size of an air hockey table is 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. Most tables are regulation size, meaning they meet the requirements set by the United States Air Hockey Association.

Air hockey tables vary in length depending on the intended use. Commonly, air hockey tables are around six feet in length to accommodate older kids and even adults. An all-adult household may choose a large option between seven and eight feet long. Portable and child-size air hockey tables begin at just four feet in length.

It makes it just as much fun to play at night as it does during the day. I also love that you have an option to turn off the sound as it can get a little overbearing at times, but the kids love it! I did tons of research before deciding on this one and have no regrets.”

The 3d printed parts have few supports and thus require a bit of post processing. Use pliers to gently remove the support material and sand any remaining bit of plastic. After we lasercut the playfield we realised that few of the air holes were still blocked. If one faces similar issues you can easily use a sharp point like the tip of a compass to poke out the covered holes. Hold the sheet against a lightsource letting you know which holes are blocked.

If you want to know more about air hockey and how much room you should have around the table, you will want to keep reading. You can also check out this video to see exactly how an air hockey table is made. She takes an interest in Foosball & Air Hockey and shares the passion for these sports with readers by writing product custom oil burner pipe reviews & Sports guides for our Foosball & Air Hockey Section. With a wealth of experience in these sports, she is your good to go mentor to know any insides of the games. Ryan knows everything when it comes to gaming, both online and offline. Since his early years he’s been in love with arcades, air hockey, and foosball.

Bring an opponent, your competitive spirit, and maybe a friendly wager. The heritage and time-tested durability of play city Hockey can take it. Tables that are made for recreational and home use are usually lighter. They will give you the excitement of an air hockey game; however, the experience of an arcade style game will not be there.

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