9 stunning ways to make your corner-to-corner afghan throw unique

First have a look at the tutorial on how to make the blanket, then see all the amazing variations on the theme that we have picked out. Both the rectangle and square increase and decrease the same, it is the middle that is different and makes the shape different. When crocheting the rectangle you will continue the max width for a longer period of time before starting your decrease.

The calculator is below – Read the instructions before you get all excited and skip down to the calculator (like something I would do!) 😬. I publish all MadameStitch patterns on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE. You can purchase the downloadable pdf on either site. Then there is theHeart Throb Blanket, another FREE pattern from Red Heart. You can see all of the FREE Corner-to-Corner patterns that Red Heart has on their website. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration you provide. Can hardly wait to get my knitting needles working again too.

• Be mindful of the direction you’re flipping your work. Think of turning your project at the end of a row like you’re re-reading the same rye river social pages of a book. If you turn the “page” from left to right at the end of one row, turn it back from right to left on the next row.

Unfortunately, etsy doesn’t allow you to download digital files from the etsy app, so you need to use a web browser to do so. If you purchased a digital listing as a guest, you will find a link to download the file included in the receipt email you received after the purchase. For knit or crochet items, the kind of stitch or yarn used can give some stretch or variation to the size. You start the corner for the rectangle when you have the desired width of the blanket you are creating.

Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me shares playful and creative free C2C patterns that range from table runners to advent calendars to graphgan patterns. • Wind yarn onto small clips to create a bobbins. Clip bobbins to project when color is not in use. Carry the yarn underneath the new color so it’s ready to be used again at a new spot. It can be helpful to keep colors that will be used again soon attached to your project.

You can use one solid yarn color for the yarn or use different colors to create a blended heart design. Crochet Stitch Calculator – This crochet calculator will determine how many chains you need to start your project. It’s great for blankets and if you are a crochet designer, it will help you create garments fit to your size. Similarly, you can swap out double crochet stitches for half double crochet and visa versa to change the size scale of a project. Line-by-line written instructions tell you exactly how many tiles of each other to crochet in each diagonal row.

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