9-Hole Baseball and Softball Pitching Target

But both these machines can stand toe-to-toe in quality against most automatic pitching machines. I’ve already covered it in the Louisville soft toss pitching machine Slugger Black Flame review. If a wheel spins quicker than another, it discharges the ball at various speeds and spins towards the player.

Further objects and aspects of the present invention will be apparent from the description provided herein. You can learn all the basic mechanics and the fundamentals of a game from a machine. But to have complete mastery of the game, you’ll need to learn all the subtleties of the game. A general middle-ground would be to get one that has a wide range of speed settings for you to play around with. You can use it for hitting drills and fungo work without an issue. So, you get a good range of options to choose how you want the speed to be.

Cycling the rotating belts 111a, 111b, and 111c at different pre-determined, closely controlled speeds allows the pitching mechanism to deliver pitches with different speeds to target, different rotational velocities, and consequently different flight paths. The method of claim 22, further comprising using a graphical display interface to select said plurality of desired pitch characteristics, wherein said pitch characteristics include one or more of pitch type, speed to target, rotational velocity, simulated arm angle, and target location. In other embodiments, the control unit 104 may be pre-loaded with a database of speed ratios for generated particular pitches in a computer readable memory. The control unit 104 may then adjust the individual belt velocities according to the programmed velocity ratios corresponding to the selected pitch type. The pitching assembly 101 includes the electrical and mechanical components that apply motion to balls delivered into the pitch assembly by the feed chute 108.

Preferably attached to the motor mounting plate is an interchangeable, removable handle 7 which may be used to manually adjust the vertical and horizontal primary aimpoint of the pitching machine. On one and two wheeled pitching machines, the plane of the wheel defines the axis of ball spin. To change the direction of spin on these machines, the section of the machine housing the wheels must be rotated. By mounting the spin direction and/or amount displays on the rotating section, a simplified display may be used, as shown in FIG.

Instead, seek something that features good precision. In a nutshell, you must think about a pitching device’s cost and the outcomes you expect from it. Because the user may not be familiar with amount of spin used with typical pitches, , it is convenient to select a maximum reasonable spin amount, say 3600 RPM, and let the user select a percentage of that maximum amount. For calculation, it is also convenient to express the spin amount setting as tangential wheel speed difference. For example, a 25 mph difference on a two wheel machine set to throw a pitch of 50 mph would give tangential wheel speeds of 25 and 75 (50+/−25). Custom pitches with controlled spin rate –Only Spinball machines let you set the ball’s spin rate and direction to simulate any specific pitch or pitcher.

The ball elevator receives balls from the delivery track or tube, and lifts and delivers them to the feed chute. The ball elevator may include a cycling conveying belt on a vertical or substantially vertical track. The belt may be cycled around the track by one or more sprockets driven by an electric motor (e.g., an AC or DC motor) that is in electronic communication with the processing unit. The processing unit may activate and de-activate the elevator based on the activation of the pitching machine and one or more sensor signals indicating whether the pitching machine is properly working, whether the feed chute is full, etc. The ball elevator may operate continuously while the pitching machine is in use until the feed chute is full.

If you drop it from a certain height, it’ll come apart. However, calling it a pitching machine is somewhat unfair to the other top-notch machines. It’s a glorified toy turned into a pitching machine for toddlers. If you compare it to a standard machine, you’ll see the difference.

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