8 Stunning Types of Highlights to Ask Your Stylist For

A few well-placed ribbons of a lighter color can be just the thing to enhance your cut, carve out cheekbones, or even add an enviable boost of radiance to your skin. Highlights can also be a really easy way to wake up your hair color when you want a change, but not a drastic one. Plus, they can look really natural and, if you’ve got a colorist who knows what they’re doing, be super low-maintenance aftercare-wise. This combination of blonde money pieces and dark brunette hair is very universal and trendy. It is easy and inexpensive to maintain and looks gorgeous on any hair length.

Blonde highlights are a great solution for a makeover whether you are blonde, brunette, redhead, or caramel brown, like in this case. This hair coloring idea will brighten and soften your look, enhance your eyes, and refresh your skin tone. Sun-kissed beachy balayage looks great on any hair color.

Please don’t forget that transitioning back to grey will be a process regardless of your starting color. Transitioning from all over color to your grey can be a process which requires some patience. Highlights like this are great for the client who is not ready to commit to keeping up access1sbc with their outgrowth, or even for kids who want a fun color for summer break. These pieces are hidden within the hair and are never done on top of the hair near the part line. Though balayage is the name of a technique it has become common practice to describe a look with this term.

Elizabeth Olsen sports a slightly brighter version of blended bronde. “Anyone can do this look irrespective of base color or hair type,” says Papanikolas. “But if you’ve previously been heavily highlighted, then your colorist will need to add more richness and depth so that the overall color is darker.” Making your black hair look softer and more natural can be achieved by adding some caramel highlights or some brown highlights. If you have naturally blonde hair red highlights can help give your overall look a slightly strawberry blonde look. Betty can also get super fancy and add highlights and low lights to her existing light brown color.

Her hairstylist suggested some nice sun-kissed blonde highlights that would accentuate her natural hair color and make her brown eyes pop. So, if you want to spice up your plain brown ombre, go for these accentuating highlights. If you have deep brown hair, add some intense blonde highlights to the mix. This will give your hair more texture while also showcasing your natural brunette locks. Instead of streaks, opt for a balayage as it will create a more natural look.

Sits higher on the cool spectrum but isn’t quite as cold as ash or white blonde. For a feminine look keep platinum strands soft and sleek styled with smooth waves and a mid part. This is a non-exhaustive list of hairstyles, excluding facial hairstyles. The most trusted shampoos and recommendations can be found at your salon, and per your stylist’s suggestion to insure the protection of your beautiful new hues.

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