7 of the Best Gelato Shops in Naples

Another food spot nearby the Galleria Umberto I is a small stand displaying colorful sweets. The handwritten pastry labels add charm to this simple place. Since there are no seating areas, take your treats to go and stroll around the Galleria while you eat. Here I tried a Zeppola, a fried, cream-filled pastry dough topped with powdered sugar and cherries.

In the end it’s a matter of taste and yet if you’re in Naples it’s an experience not to be missed. More of a gelato place than a chocolate shop. I got 2 flavours without panna for €2 and it was so delicious I wanted to cry. The pistachio won it for me; it was a bit salty and that gave it an amazing kick. The small one was just the right size for me because I have a smaller appetite but if you like giant American sized scoops, go for the €3.50 one with 3 flavours. They’ve also perfected the art of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Already since several years my favourite pizzeria in Naples – on the menu one can find both delicious classics and some novelties with a twist. The food was good, we were lucky as there was no queue when we arrived. Pizza was really nice, but probably not worth queuing for hours. There was no salad options on the menu, I would have enjoyed some side salad.

Fantasia Gelati provides a gelato fantasy for all who enter its colorful Naples gelato shops. With six locations in Naples, this award-winning gelateria has provided a multi-sensory experience replete with bright colors and even brighter flavors since it opened in 1994. Here is another historic pastry shop in which several generations preserve their family’s traditions. So this establishment has been alive for over a century. And I chose a variety of miniature sweets to try, starting with a mini hazelnut choux pastry. It is a fried and sugary pastry dough filled with cream.

The story of Mennella gelato makers has its origins in 1969 and the business that now counts 5 spots around Naples, is currently run by the second generation. Here, gelato making is a form of art, using the best local ingredients and thanks to their masterful technique their product is a work of art with divine taste. I used to really love this place, but this trip it disappointed me a little.

The ice cream seemed a let down, the people weren’t as friendly on this visit, and the price seemed high for what we got. It’s only my memories from years ago that keep me from giving this shop only 3 stars. Antonio & Antonio is a great restaurant with an extensive menu of wood-fired pizzas and calzones, as well as seasonal specialties. It’s one of the best restaurants in Naples on the seafront, and it has an amazing view over the Gulf of Naples. The service is impeccable, and the quality of the products is superb.

Skip the cone and eat your gelato stuffed inside a brioche sandwich. Ascend Naples’ biggest hill by foot or metro if you want to sit while eating your gelato. Fantasia provides seating at its Vomero location.

Remy Gelo, an ice cream shop founded in 1919 by Vittorio Corradini, is a well-known landmark in Rome. It initially sold milk and butter, but later became known for its gelato. Remy Gelo’s son, Remo, moved the business to its current location in Via Ferdinando after his father’s death. Remy Gelo, a local institution since 1919, is famed for its ice cream.

It offers flavors like avocado,ricotta and pear, Mediterranean, pomegranate and many others. A taste for every palate, from creams to fruit. A delightful place where to find the best ice cream in Naples.

If you’ve had your fill of gelato, you can pick up the Naples favouritecozze, chocolate mussels. If you find yourself in Vomero, the area up the hill from centro storico,Soave is absolutely worth a try. Founded in 1950, best friends group name they have all the classic flavors from coffee to hazelnut, and a variety of delightful ice cream cakes. If you’re a Nutella lover, try theirnutellona, a dark and smooth gelato inspired by the iconic chocolate spread.

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