53 Valentine’s Day Messages & Quotes

Stay tuned for future resources that are in the works. Have your child draw a line to connect the hearts with their corresponding quantities. Also available in the Free Spanish Printable Library is a kit of Valentine’s Day worksheets geared towards preschoolers and elementary school children.

Vector illustration of a set of cute and funny heart shaped emoticons and characters. Cut out design elements great for Valentine’s Day Holiday, greeting cards, online messaging, mobile apps and social media platforms. Collection of cute hand drawn vintage borders. Valentine’s day special pack design elements. Perfect for Valentine’s day invitation cards and page decoration. It is a great idea to start your day by sending your partner romantic Valentine’s Day quotes in Spanish if you want to celebrate the day with something unique.

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It is the perfect book for children, ages 3-5 and it’s about two bugs with very distinct personalities that learn to love each other very much. For more clarification on when to use te amo vs te quiero, check out this post by Homeschool Spanish Academy. It includes infographics which will help you decide which “I love you” to use when and where. The holiday first became popularized through the poetry of Chaucer and Shakespeare in England and other Northern European countries.

Try one of these short and sweet messages of love instead. Vector illustration of a diverse group of multicultural children holding red hearts. This one is not always related to romantic feelings, if you add more words you would be saying that you need help with something. For example, “Te necesito para la traducción”, that is the same as “Necesito que me ayudes con la traducción” . Valentine’s Day is approaching and these upcoming weekends would be perfect to get all your Valentine’s shopping done, including the card. I don’t know about you guys, but when I buy a card, I like to add a little extra message, hand-written and all to show that I put a little extra thought on it.

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