50mm Street Photography: What Makes It Great + Tips

Pay attention to the time of day and adjust your shooting accordingly. I really like going out in the early morning or late evening when the sun casts long shadows over everything; you can create amazing photos that you just can’t get at other times. While some people think the 50mm focal length is boring, I have found the opposite curacao nude beach to be true, especially for shooting street photos. With the move of many photographers to mirrorless cameras, lenses like this are coming up more and more on the second-hand market. If you shop around you can pick up one for just over £1000, which, while still not cheap, is far more affordable than the full retail price.

We hope these tips have given you some ideas on how to get started with street photography. The biggest part of street photography are the people, but some people are going to be wary of you getting their picture. If you are not going to talk to the person, then just be as subtle as you can with your photography, but don’t be rude about it. Make yourself look like the photographer you are, and people will be much more apt to trust you. Don’t look dodgy or creepy, and don’t hide to get your photos. Being one of the most diverse forms of photography, street photography can be very exciting.

I’m personally not the biggest fan of wide angle lenses when it comes to photography, but I must admit they do play their part. However, as I mentioned earlier, street photography encompasses many different genres of photography, and is not too specific. Hip photography – Using a lens set to pre-focus as described above allows you to do hip photography.

You can always push your ISO setting up or use a slightly slower shutter speed. As with other Canon lenses, the build quality and optics are excellent, but maybe not to the same standard as the faster 50mm lenses. The lens is compact and lighter than a faster zoom lens of the same range would be. This lens boasts five stops of image stabilization shake correction, according to Canon. You will not be disappointed with the image quality this Canon lens produces.

With experiences, you will see that the ‘sharpness’ on the calculate scale is not that important. Enter your email below to make sure you’re not missing out on our Black Friday deals. Depending on where you order it from, this lens is often available and ships more quickly than other brands. The build quality is probably better quality than you might expect for the price of this 50mm lens.

Investing in a decent neutral density filter should provide a solution though. Because this is a Prime lens and not a zoom, we lose the ability to zoom in and zoom out from our point of view. In order to zoom we are going to need to do it with our feet.

By doing of this you will not depend on the camera meter. With this, you are going to focus while bringing camera to your eye for framing. Every time you want to be focused in the middle zone, move cable tie head down. The difference in angle of view is 12 degrees – 75 degrees for the 28mm vs. 63 degrees for the 35mm. I’m practicing to have the precise focus point in front of the subject (assuming I don’t have time to get perfect focus) because you have more leeway/depth-of-field behind the precise focus point. The 52 Week Project is a photography challenge that encourages photographers to take 1 photograph every week for 52 weeks.

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