50 Must-Read Harry Potter Fan Fictions: The Best of the Best

This is an AU take of Half-Blood Prince following my previous story, Path Diverged. It’s Harry’s sixth year and Ginny Weasley’s “Harry-Watching” has paid off. In this sequel to “You’re Still You” the two teens explore their new relationship while dealing with the challenges of life threatened by war.

By putting Ginny in Slytherin, she’s able to grow into herself in ways she never could in Gryffindor. Because of that, the relationship she develops with Harry is incredibly powerful, as both push each other to be better people. The fic makes a classic children’s story complex enough to be adult literature and grapples with the meanings of war and ambition. At 48 chapters long, the story gives a considerable amount of time to developing Snape and Hermione’s relationship until they trust and care for one another realistically. Those who love Snape will find him gracefully handled as few other authors can replicate. The Harry Potter fandom has created a massive body of fanfiction, and the most popular ones are so well written that they rival the books.

My own desperate attempts to heal a loss with the lyrics this man has written, played on repeat for weeks on end. Joy at seeing some of that same music performed live after 2 years of no concerts. “His fingers scraped like frostbite against your skin, frigid and chilling. You were almost tempted to look and see if the places he touched had gone black and blue…

I am looking forward I reading series 2 whenever you feel ready to come back to the story. I am really interested to see where you go with this. Also, love the cast you’ve created for this story. The last bit of news I recall about this story was that some awful person had harrased you, and you wouldn’t consider continuing this story until at least 2019. Can’t wait to read your wonderful amazing writing. What you said was that I “at least give us some new chapters…” of a finished series.

Ginny is taken into the chamber and believing she has nothing to live for, she thinks of her family. What she realizes surprises her and gives her reason to keep fighting Tom Riddle. The year starts well for Harry, but soon turns into a nightmare. Relationships change and Harry is forced to acknowledge that some things change and life will never be the same again. Holed up at 12 Grimmauld Place and facing charges of underage and illegal magic use, it’s fair to say that Harry Potter’s summer holidays aren’t going well.

I think the “least” anyone could do about this story is not demand more from a completed series. I would post a story in this series and a third of the comments would be an immediate demand for MORE MORE MORE like I wasn’t even a fucking human being. I didn’t said u owe us, I just requested it. Its been years since I first time finished this story.

A harrowing adventure involving danger, intrigue, unexpected discoveries… Ginny is setting everything on fire, and Harry is calling down storms and throwing lightning out of his hands. How things would change if Harry’s power was something different and he had to learn how to use it along with understanding a mysterious bond. One week into chonitos the summer after Cedric Diggory’s death and Harry’s declaration that Voldemort is back, causes repercussions that surprises the entire Weasley family. Two days they are set to leave for the burrow Harry and Ginny decide to spend all night in the astronomy tower waiting for the sunrise. See what happens during their long stay in the tower.

While I don’t normally read het anymore, I so adore this series and the unspeakable plot, which I’m looking forward to reading again when you put it on this site. I had several of your works saved for personal reading until my memory cards with all my saved fanfics, some of which are no longer on the net, accidently got thrown away. No list of Harmony fanfiction would be complete without an entry from RobSt, a popular author who writes Harry/Hermione stories exclusively.

Wolfstar is one of the most popular Harry Potter ships, and this story has a lot to do with that. The story follows Remus Lupin from before his time at Hogwarts through the middle of the Harry Potter series, with a particular focus on his sexuality and relationship with Sirius. However, in addition to being very dark, it is widely applauded.

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