5 Tips To Avoid Flat Roots In Your Wavy Hair

First thing you gotta do is make sure you have the right clips on hand. Duckbill clips will be the easiest to use without frizzing up your hair. If you prefer to diffuse after styling, we recommend using plastic rather than metal clips to avoid getting them too hot during the drying process.

Make sure you have a diffuser attachment, like this one, hooked up to your blow dryer. If you give this a shot, be sure to be gentle with your flips. If you use your fingers to guide your hair, be sure to do so at the roots.

Dry your roots first and then move on to the rest of your strands. Learn how to braid your own hair, style your curls and have new hairstyles every day with Hair Romance’s ebooks. Volume powders are a magic trick for instant volume at the roots. They do contain some ingredients which aren’t in sync with the Curly Girl Method, but that’s why I don’t follow the CG Method to the letter. Pineapple hair styles take pressure off of your roots as well and protect them overnight. You can try satin or silk scrunchies to pull your hair into a high pony tail on the top of your head.

You’ll notice that your curl clumps will look bigger and fuller. Place your hair into the diffuser bowl and lift your hair up towards your scalp. Carefully flip your hair to the other side or forwards and begin diffusing a new section. There are lots of different volume tips for curly hair that you can use when diffusing. It can be easy to miss your roots altogether when applying products, I know it sounds obvious, but it’s really easy to do!

Pineapples will help keep curl definition overnight and reduce frizz from friction. This can make a big difference, particularly if you have worn your hair in the same parting for a couple of days. I like to fluff my hair first with my fingers once I have finished styling and then I’ll reach for my hairdryer again.

Having tried this myself, I find it’s better to pick my roots, or use my fingers to lightly shake the roots of my hair for volume. This helps define the roots at the base of your neck protective hairstyles for sleep and lifts the hair from the roots as you are styling. Scrunch your products in your hair if that works for you or section your hair and pay close attention to the back of your head.

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