5 Hashtags Your Organization Needs to Use After #InternationalWomensDay to Support Women Empowerment

Calling for a Green New Deal in the United States government, the movement organized protests on the Capitol every Friday beginning in October 2019. The campaign also advocates for complete stoppage of new fossil fuel projects and to phase out existing fossil fuel projects. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fonda moved #FireDrillFridays online to continue rallying for government action.

In an effort to represent his people, Baruch traverses the streets, trying to raise awareness and singing Hanukkah’s praises. Ultimately, he charms a department store CEO who agrees to stock more Hanukkah-themed gifts and offers him a hefty sum of gelt for working as an in-store Hanukkah consultant. Following in Kris Kringle’s merry footsteps, “Miracle” tells the story of Mark Moses, a man who convinces the public that he is Judah Maccabee. He works tirelessly to help minority groups find the chutzpah to rise up against their Antiochus-like antagonists. But despite Mark’s efforts to ensure that everyone has the freedom to practice what they believe, when the authorities get wind of his antics, Mark is taken to court and forced to defend his mental health and Maccabean authenticity. “Under the Mistle” recounts a recent widower’s struggle to find love during the holiday season.

Bring Back Our Girls has become a lasting movement in Nigeria, where it has expanded to include calls for action around many human rights abuses, such as other kidnappings and killings, as well as action for safety and security, healthcare and economic reform. From the unlikely alliance, the #TimesUp movement was born, using the loudest voices in service of the most marginalized, and creating unity to break the silence around sexual harassment, end gender discrimination and fight for gender equality. At the Fourth World Conference on Women with the agenda for the human rights of girls and women across the globe, the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action of 1995 was legitimized by 189 countries. Other critiques of hashtag activism stem from the belief that online social movements are often started by privileged individuals, rather than by those who are most affected by the cause itself. In 2018, Mardani Ali Sera introduces #2019GantiPresiden , in which he spreads this hashtag through social media to spread public awareness and pushing Indonesian netizens to elect another president in 2019 instead of Jokowi. Mardani’s statement was reinforced by the statement of the PKS president, Sohibul Iman.

Previously, a movement with the same name was also launched by Mardani on his personal Twitter account on March 27, 2018. According to Mardani in a tweet, the hashtag was the antithesis of Joko Widodo’s campaign of supporters on social media. Inspired by Greta Thunberg and started by Greenpeace and Jane Fonda, #FireDrillFridays brings awareness to the climate change crisis.

He for She, is a movement represented in solidarity and the union of women and men working together for the advancement of gender equality started by the United Nations. HeForShe is a global effort that seeks to involve men and boys in achieving equality by taking action against negative gender stereotypes and behaviors. HeForShe initiative has registered over 2.1 million online commitments who pays for the celebrity iou makeovers worldwide. Taking note from his past experiences, Cunningham challenged himself to take advantage of social media to rewrite history and “raise awareness about just how many influential black women we don’t know about.” And it’s working. The posts could take any form, such as photos, descriptions, or personalized videos describing the impact that the subject of the post has had.

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