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Each hall accommodates approximately 450 residents and staffed by 14 student Resident Advisors and a professional live-in Hall Coordinator. Secoya and Sicomoro feature spacious lounges and community kitchens. Accommodations are available for students who have a mobility restriction. The Residential halls are first-year communities located on the south side of campus.

One thing that separates Yosemite from most on campus living is that there are co-ed floors. Each floor has six women’s rooms and a bathroom and six men’s rooms and a bathroom with a common room in the middle. Each tower has three floors and there are laundry facilities in the even-numbered towers. As a part of the Connections Program, Yosemite residents participated in a creek cleaning volunteer event last winter. Mail and packages are processed daily for Muir Hall residents. Most mail and packages, barring delivery errors or addressing issues, are made available for resident pickup on the day they are received at Cal Poly.

Each traditional hall houses one or two students per room, with communal restrooms located in each wing. Santa Lucia Hall is located on Cal Poly’s campus and is the residence hall where Paul Flores lived during his freshman year target swim caps at the university. Matt says that early in the night, a woman came up to him at the party. He identifies Kristin Smart from People’s Exhibit 3, a photo of Kristin Smart taken in the Spring of 1996 when her hair was dyed brown.

The double-occupancy rooms in the Riverfront building of Regenerative Studies are approximately 215 square feet. Each room opens onto a common deck, which oversees the Regenerative Studies water works. There is also a common area with a lounge area and a television. Residents are not required to have classes or minors within the College of Environmental Design, though they may choose to enroll in classes as electives. Housing at the Center for Regenerative Studies is offered to students at Cal Poly Pomona who have completed 36 units or more, or to graduate students.

Both have entered not-guilty pleas, and Ruben Flores was ordered released on $50,000 bail Wednesday. Those attending can meet on the Health Center Lawn starting at 5 p.m. Tonight and then a march will walk to Kristin’s dorm, Muir Hall, for the vigil. Three days after a jury found Paul Flores guilty in the 1996 murder of Cal Poly student Kristin Smart, events honoring her are taking place. Netto said she heard about Smart’s disappearance before deciding to attend Cal Poly, but didn’t consider the possibility of being in Flores’ room.

The preliminary hearing for Paul Flores is still ongoing and there is no confirmation about what, if anything, happened in the room related to Smart’s disappearance. When incoming Cal Poly student Maya Netto first found out where she would be living for her first year, she didn’t think much of it. And so, Cal Poly has continued to assign students to live in that room. This year, Maya Netto and Lizbeth Juarez-Gutierrez will be sharing Flores’ former room in Santa Lucia Hall.

Muir Hall is in an optimal location where you can get to most important locations in 5 minutes and most places in 10 minutes max. It was generally quiet and clean, though the open urinals in the women’s restroom were sometimes abused and there was vomit in one of the shared sinks fairly often. The common showers are small and fairly dark, but the water pressure was good and hot. Safety was decent with key cards required to enter the building, but occasionally this safety was breached by people who should not be there and by vandals who broke windows.

He allegedly later unearthed and relocated the remains. He also asked Teschendorf about her then-boyfriend’s roommate and friend, named Ted. Teschendorf and Smart lived together in a dorm room in Cal Poly’s Muir Hall starting in February 1996, according to the reported testimony. Teschendorf moved in to the dorm with Smart mid-year, and said she and Smart knew each other, but “were not good friends.”

Arrangements for such deliveries need to be made between the service and the recipient directly. A landline phone is provided in each community center. For campus calls, dial the last five digits of the telephone number. Residents have access to 150+ channels, including premium stations such as HBO and sports networks, in community spaces and on personal devices.

Each hall accommodates approximately 212 residents and staffed by five student Resident Advisors and a professional live-in Hall Coordinator. The traditional halls feature a small community atmosphere, spacious lounges, and a common garden patio. The majority of floors are coed by alternate male and female wings. Accommodations are available in Encinitas Hall for students who have a mobility restriction.

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