40 Bohemian Goddess Box Braids Protective Hairstyles Ideas To look Beautiful In

For a bold and sizzling look, get these red goddess braids. The feed-ins create a bright protective style with an unnatural color nicely blended with your natural roots. You will need2-3 packs ofsoft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 2 packs of freetress deep twist hair. You will need2-3 packs of color #4soft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 1 pack of matching color freetress deep twist hair.

Cross the front strand under the middle one, then do the same with the back strand. Keeping the curls moisturised will significantly reduce tangling. Apply shine n jam and then further section the hair into your desired shapes and sizes. Finishing touches will involve applying mousse all over the head and laying the baby hairs/edges. Shine n jam mainly aids with sleeking down the hair in your parted sections, taming flyaways and helps you to get a good grip. Once you have evenly distributed the conditioner on your hair (with a wide-tooth comb), you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Have some fun with your goddess braids and wear them in a fun top knot style. Go ahead and take a page out of Queen B’s book with this look—these goddess braids are inspired by Beyoncé’s 2016 Lemonade album. If you’re not down to rock curly ends, braid your goddess braids all the way to the end and tie them up with an elastic in a high pony.

Make sure you get your braids done on your favorite selfie side, and bonus points if you opt for goddess braids in a light brown or blonde hue. They say beauty is found in symmetry, and you might as well apply that theory to goddess braids, too. For a touch of uniqueness, make sure to add an accent box braid on each side. This style is perfect for the goddess braids enthusiast who’s obsessed with symmetry. Maintaining goddess braids could be slightly trickier because of the neat finish it’s supposed to have. However, if you condition and cleanse your scalp regularly, it will last up to 6 weeks and remain low maintenance.

You will need3-4 packs ofsoft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 2 packs of freetress deep twist hair. You will need2-3 packs of color #30soft yaki kanekalon braiding hair and 1 pack of a matching color freetress deep twist hair. Blonde best protective hairstyles for sleeping is a very popular hair color choice. Here is a beautiful way to wear the bright color. So, here we have mid length goddess box braids. The braids are multi tone with brown and black colors, whereas the curls are bright blonde.

The braids are sleek and long with stunning curls. As you can see, these looser curls create a more relaxed hairstyle. This is another look that would be perfect for the summer. Try similar braids to these or you can try a shorter version. They’re a cute protective hairstyle—so, perfect if you’re transitioning to natural hair.

She then braids the faux locs beginning from the back of her neck to the top of her head. To conceal the gaps, she adds more locs to the center of her head. In this video, a vlogger known as Tastepink uses three types of braiding hair to achieve her look. She starts by cornrowing her hair towards the back, ensuring that the cornrows are smaller at the front for a neater look. Using your natural hair as one of the three braiding sections, begin to three-strand plait your hair in with the extension hair.

Then add in hair extensions to create a curly ponytail. Next, we have gorgeous long goddess braids. These braids are quite thin so you can see how braid thickness will change how your hair looks. This is a super glam style and the curls look amazing.

If you have fine-textured natural hair and you want to try out some Goddess plaits, consider an angular pattern with precisely divided sections and part lines. These “home-made” braids are attention-getters that are made even better with the bronze hair cuffs on each tress. For very thick hair, try this slicked back, sectioned French Mohawk braid that ends with a coiled low bun. This will also work with a weave or extensions if your natural hair is too short.

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