4-seam fastball grip Illustrates how to hold a baseball to throw a 4-seam fastball.

While a fastball spins from bottom to top involving a backspin, the curveball spins from top to bottom. Moreover, the leverage in a fastball comes from behind the top of the ball, whereas in a curveball, the leverage comes from in front of the ball. A four-seam grip is a type of baseball grip used when throwing pitches. It is designed to offer the highest potential velocity to a throw and is known for travelling in a straight line longer than other types of throws. Everyone on this list has an above-average fastball movement profile. This makes sense since their high Active Spin rate means that the majority of their fastball spin contributes to movement.

Hitting legend Ted Williams once said that “the slider is the best pitch in baseball.” Sliders drive batters batty because they’re faster and break much later than curveballs. When the ball does break, it does so laterally and down. Typically, this is a habit learned when their hands were not big enough to comfortably keep the thumb underneath. Encourage athletes to keep the thumb underneath the baseball so that the hand and arm rotate correctly.

A firm grip causes friction, which causes the baseball to change direction and slightly reduces the speed of the pitch. Tilt and ball position – an inward or outward tilt or a lateral shift towards the pinky/glove side. We only typically see this is pitchers are trying to embrace more of a cut fastball profile. Another variable to consider is whether to place the fingers on-seam or off-seam. First, we’ll review some of the minor variations that pitchers use when they throw a four-seam fastball.

Do not curl the wrist inside the forearm, this reduces ball velocity. What’s interesting about Madison Bumgarner is that he wasn’t allowed to throw a curve ball until he was 16 year old, according average softball pitching speed to an article in Sports Illustrated. The wrist and hand are pronated a little early which stops the wrist from popping forward. It’s hard not to love the amount of movement on this fastball.

Read on to find out how the proper baseball grip can create more accuracy on your throws. The proper four-seam grip has the thumb directly below the baseball, forming a triangle between the two fingers above the ball. This allows the ball to evenly roll off of the index and middle fingers upon release. Young athletes tend to leave their thumbs up on the side of the baseball, closer to their index finger. While evaluating a fastball solely on velocity is flawed, velocity is still somewhat important.

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