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You know how matte looks one way and glossy looks another? Well, you can achieve a similar effect with your hair with the right finishing product. It sounds bizarre but dying your hair works better when its not freshly washed.

Now that you know what to expect from your blue-black coloring session, it’s time to get inspired for your next color experiments! While you can add as many shades to your color combo as you want, and we’re going to show you ideas that will certainly be huge this year. Before you touch your hair with dye, consider testing out the blue-hair trend with a wig, à la Shay Mitchell’s by hairstylist Tony Medina. It’ll give you a chance to try one (or a few!) tones before committing to a specific look with major upkeep.

Use the conditioner from the dye box to condition your hair. Open the sachet or box of conditioner and smooth it over the ends of your hair. This helps to make your hair feel soft and brings out the blue colour of the dye. Use the tip of your bottle applicator to make parallel lines from your hairline at your forehead to the nape of your neck. Space your lines about 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) apart.

Just make sure to load up on conditioner afterward, or opt for an in-salon, deep-conditioning treatment like hair botox. The hair starts off black then blends to navy blue and then light blue towards the tips. This is a gorgeous blue ombre and it will look amazing on everyone. Ombre like this would be amazing on blonde hair too. The hair is black and then turns into a dark navy shade.

And remember to go easy on the shampoo to preserve that color. The best way to highlight your highlights is with a great ‘do. Try pairing royal blue balayage with luscious curls and effortless, side-swept bangs.

When you are going through hair ideas, this would be one to go with if you already have lighter colored hair as it is lighter in color on its own. This is some pastel blue hair that is very subtle in its own way. Because she has such ice blue hair it almost looks gray or silvery. It is a really fun color that looks great during the winter but is one you can also rock during the summer months as well. It is also a short hairstyle, meaning that it is not only cute but simple as well. You will stand out in the crowd with this different and chic neon green hair color for dark skin.

The deep blue color mixes with the natural black and complements the dark skin tone without looking over the top dramatic. This lovely hairstyle is a gradual balayage of different shades of turquoise blue hair color for women. So, if done well by a professional your hair can look like this in a day too! Moreover, it’s a great short hairstyle that can easily outgrow the blue.

This is the perfect hair color for dark skin tone. Dusty navy blue is a wonderful hair color for women. It comes off as being pastel and can rebound – digital work with short hairstyles extremely well. The beauty of this style is the shade of the purple streak that ran through the blue hair.

Colored hair requires maintenance to stay in tip-top shape, which means using color-safe hair products to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh. For best results, consult a hair expert to determine which products are best for your hair type and behavior. While we’ve showcased a blue bob already, this particular style has a lot of uniqueness going for it and deserves its own spotlight. It’s a significantly longer bob that’s almost an A-line. And the intensity and saturation of the blue increase as the hair falls.

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