30 Fresh Butterfly Locs Ideas with Answers to the Hottest Questions

Longer hair is heavier and puts more tension on the scalp when styled in hanging braids or locs. So be smart and make your braids skinnier if you have long bloxburg hotel hair! This will cut down on the amount of tension you put on your scalp and give you more individual locs to play around with when styling your hair.

Butterfly locs are distinguished by curly loops that appear randomly down the length of each loc. These loops are how they get their intriguing name and what makes them so natural-looking and easy to maintain. Although the durability of butterfly loc haircuts is exceptional, they do not endure for an eternity. When maintained correctly, this style can last for four to six weeks.

Intensive Conditioner is the perfect way to bring much-need moisture to your locs. They may become matted with time if not maintained properly. No, if they are done with no extra tension at the roots. Pair your favorite shades for a standout look – both in color and texture. The well-defined spirals in the front work to set off the cute messiness of these lob locs. This girl has chosen to emphasize the texture transition with tighter wraps around the roots.

However, when you’re ready to try a new hairstyle, it can feel a little intimidating if you’re not sure exactly what to do or how. With the help of PATTERN, you can explore the versatile world of natural hairstyles with confidence. The cost of butterfly locs styles done in a salon ranges from $150 to over $400 depending on the style complexity, hairdresser skills, and salon location . On average people use 6-8 packs of Freetress water wave hair in inches to achieve their desired look. Courtney also recommends spraying oil or a refresher spray every other day to maintain hydration of your natural hair as synthetic hair tends to draw out moisture. Many protective hairstyles can be, ironically, very damaging to your hair.

After wrapping the hair at least three times, insert your thumb and wrap the strand around it as well. Keep on the wrapping to fasten the loop and then you can take your thumb out. Butterfly locs hairstyles can be roughly grouped into two categories – those that are the same length as your natural hair and those that are longer.

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