25 Best Wolf Cut Hairstyle Ideas To Try This Season

You can always remove more hair but you can never add hair back, so it’s best to be cautious and go little by little. Next, brush your hair forward from the back to create a ponytail at the front of your head. Show your stylist a picture or two whenever you try to explain a new haircut. A photo gives them the most accurate idea of the cut you want to achieve. Once you’ve finished, remove the ponytail holders and shake out your hair.

Izquierdo cautions those with round or square face shapes to go a bit longer, as shorter wolf cuts might overly dramatize the jawline. Bataille believes this hairstyle might crowd small or long faces by taking up too much real estate. And if you prefer a cleaner and sleeker look, or like to pull your hair into a pony and can’t stand when layers fall out, then this might not be the style for you. Also, O’Connor says that you want your hair to be at lower neck length at least.

For a boost of volume at the crown like the model pictured, tease the hair at the roots and style it forward. If you are looking for a way to lose some length without sacrificing all of your hair, the wolf cut may be the ideal length for you. Much like the shag, this cut is longer on the bottom and shorter on the top, with a particular focus on face-framing layers.

The part should roughly run from the middle of one ear to the other. Brush the top half of your hair into a ponytail, just like before. Determine where you want the layers to fall and whether or not you want bangs.

“Physically show the stylist where you want your bangs and the layers to start and where you want the length to hit,” he says. Doing it at home will probably result in two front strands of hair dyed purple a choppy mullet look instead of the bold, edgy wolf cut you want. If you’re wondering how to ask for a wolf cut at the salon, you could simply ask for a wolf cut.

Okay, so you took the plunge and got a wolf-cut for yourself. Luckily, styling the cut is super easy because it’s all about that messy, undone vibe. “Think sea salt sprays and dry shampoos. they’re both great, but I’ve been really into spray wax type of products lately.” Via Instagram @omarxhairIn a similar rendition of the Korean wolf cut, the deep-cut wolf hairdo is styled much closer to an actual mullet, only with less volume. This look is suitable for anyone with short hair and a slight curl. Deep textured wolf cut – requires wet and molding paste hair products.

Heat protectant spray prevents your hair from becoming damaged. If you’ve got fine hair, you’ll get a boost of volume by blow drying it with a diffuser. The wolf cut can be as extreme as you like, depending on how short or soft you decide to go with the layers and how mussy you style it.

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