24 Blue And Purple Hair Looks That Will Amaze You

However, blue is not just for the very old or the very young. You can ensure that no matter what shade you choose you are going to get lots of love with your new hue. When you dye your hair, eventually your natural hair color will come through.

You want to make sure that the stylist has experience with fashion shades so that you can truly get the color that you want. Consider a bolder version of one of our favorite trends.A great way to balance a more classic style with blue hair is by opting for a blue ombré. Ombré hair is one of those trends that’s here to stay. We find that this style looks best with a wavier texture as it blends the two colors more easily. A hair product like the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray will enhance your natural texture for beautiful waves.

If you are looking for something different then this is it. These colors are so bright and dark that they really stand out. There is a shave to the back of the head which is really beautiful. If you want something edgy, then this is the look for you. Blue and purple are harmonious colors that look great together.

Here, exposed dark roots visually add dimension to the hairstyle. Remember this tip if you want to look natural even with such a dreamlike hair color. It starts off with dark blue hair and fades into a lighter version of this hue. The top and the bottom really complement each other as they are similar colors, just a few shades apart. If you are looking to go with a blue hue this could be a fun way to do it as you don’t have to choose on just one shade of blue.

But if you have a duskier skin tone, try this color blend with highlights. The deep indigo and purple shade look so good together that you will want to buy a range of moon and star-themed accessories to style it every day. To get a pale blue hair color you will need to make your hair extremely light first. We recommend finding a very good colorist if you don’t want to damage your locks completely. Forget about lightening hair naturally at home. Baby blue hair transformation needs professional hands.

Her hair is medium length and has beautiful curls that compliment the blue as well as the darker part of her hair. It is a lot of fun to have different colors of blue or to have a regular color that fades into a blue shade. This one is much more subtle than the last though.

Here is a unicorn or mermaid hair color, take your pick. Either way, it is a very fun kind of teal hair color that makes you think of something magical. This is a very bright and vibrant blue and one you would have to wear with confidence and pride. It is a beautiful color and one that is not always easy to pull off. It is a denim color almost, it looks like the color you may see on your favorite pair of jeans.

Here is a medium to dark blue that is still very bold and bright. It is hard to find colors that are dark but still so bright, and this is what is so great about dark blue hair is that it can be both. You will be able to get the dark color of hair you would want along with the brightness and boldness that you get blue hair dark roots with the blue color and combine them together. Another blonde and blue hair look that combines the extreme of platinum blond with light teal hair color to go along with it. This look even has purple at the roots, keeping them shaded and therefore easier to keep up with whenever your hair begins to grow out.

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