23 Puerto Rico Travel Tips from a Local for 2022

Puerto Rico’s government in particular has made it clear that if you dont tip, you dont have to be arrested. But the other problem here is that Puerto Ricans are generally stingy with money and tend to tip in cash. It’s up to the servers to see that each person is given a tip, but they tend to leave it up to the cooks to not tip so generously. When booking a trip to Puerto Rico, you should definitely consider travel insurance.

Private tour guides do not need to be tipped, but it is common to do so, if you liked the guide. Tipping is expected and much appreciated in bars and restaurants, usually at about 10-20%. A 10% gratuity (‘Legal Tip’) is added to the bill but servers expect more, so it’s common to add 10% of the pre-tax bill unless you are dissatisfied with the service. Cash is preferred, as some establishments are known to not give them the tips from credit cards, or even the legal gratuity.

In some circumstances failing to give an adequate tip when one is expected to is a serious faux pas, and may be considered very miserly, a violation of etiquette, or unethical. In some other cultures or situations, giving a tip is not expected and offering one would be considered drinking age in iceland with parent at best odd and at worst condescending or demeaning. In some cultures it might be seen as a bribe, and in some circumstances , tipping can even be illegal. For those wanting to be near the surfer buzz of Rincon but don’t want to pay a premium, Coconut Palms Inn is a fine choice.

As mentioned above, it’s easy and chill to slide a few bucks into the valet’s hands for helping you out. I also leave a few bucks for cleaning staff in my hotel room each day. The Tip Calculator calculates tip amount for various percentages of the cost of the service, and also provides a total amount that includes the tip. In the U.S., a tip of 15% of the before tax meal price is typically expected. Tipping is not expected in PNG and in all but the most up-market establishments would cause surprise. Bribery is a problem in PNG so any tip except in a restaurant could be considered quite inappropriate.

In other instances, tips may be set aside for some other purpose for the benefit of the staff, such as to fund a staff party or trip. In Albanian parts, tipping is generally not recommended at all. Tipping in Gibraltar is comparable to that of the UK, where you can round the bill up to the following pound, or more, if the service was above standard.

There is no need to feel odd it you do not tip because this is what the locals do. The tour guide agencies and guides are encouraging tipping from the tourists for drivers and guides. Foreign owned hotels also accept some tipping for staff from foreigners who have tipping habit.

You can expect more or less the prices you would find in cities like Orlando or Miami, and you should plan your budget for Puerto Rico accordingly. You can save money by eating in food kiosks outside the tourist zone, like in Piñones, renting an Airbnb with a kitchen, booking a hotel with breakfast included, or traveling during the low season. This new tipping practice is becoming more and more common in the US. Some spas and cosmetic studios automatically add a gratuity (usually 20%!) to your booked services, even if you buy a gift card. To avoid being caught off guard, check a company’s policy before booking your service.

For example, it is not customary to tip in bars or for any over-the-counter service, but waiters in pubs and restaurants are usually tipped a token amount. Traditionally, the tip has not been common, but is being introduced by outside influence. Tipping should be given only as a token of real appreciation for the service. Be aware that the tips will most often be split between the waiters and the kitchen. Taxi drivers do not expect tips, any extra service will be listed on the receipt according to rate. In inexpensive eateries, tipping is not mandatory, but locals usually do leave a few coins.

It’s not customary to tip taxi drivers unless it’s a ride form the airport. Some add the service charge to the bill, in which case no further tipping is needed. Just ask if “service is allready included” if the bill is in hebrew.

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