22″ Crochet Faux Locs 1 Pack

Hair like this is super glam and it is perfect for the ladies who want a new look that will wow. These locs work best on long hair as you get the full affect of the curls. Our next idea is a gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyle. The locs are very long and they have been wrapped into a beautiful bun. A hairstyle like this is perfect if you want a glam new look. Create your own version of this hair idea or maybe consider changing the length or adding a vibrant color.

This look can be completed in short, medium, and extended box braid hairstyle lengths. Our faux locs crochet braids can be easily attached using the individual method. It is easy to hide your plait within the loc due to its thickness.

I only used about 3.5pks but my head is small. It’s so easy to install and didn’t take much time at all. I have had them in for ~2wks and it still looks neat. The length is also a major bonus as well, especially if you want long locs. I normally buy my faux locs from Aliexpress but i’ll defo start getting them from Jorie Hair now.

The hair remains soft easy to wash and condition. Step into the world like the royalty you are with the ‘Queen Locs’. Designed to be distinctive, they are perfect for the woman who wants to leave a lasting impression. These stunning locs are guaranteed to have you stand out from the masses. If you want to know how you can DIY this protective style, here is a YouTube tutorial by LavishlyBritt. Yes you could use hair straightener or hair curler to restyle the hair weaving.

The locs have been styled on the side and turn to curls half way. Recreate this hair idea or use the copper color on any of your stylish faux loc hairdos. There are lots of different faux locs available.

And like many other protective styles, you won’t have to worry about styling for a month — at least. The hair has beautiful locs that are long and styled on the side. It is perfect for the ladies who need a no-fuss look that can be worn day silk press vs relaxer or night. Hair like this will keep you looking chic for any occasion. Jumbo box braided hairstyles will last up to 8 weeks if properly maintained and taken care of. Always consult with a trained professional if you notice any issues.

This color combination is trendy and unique. Recreate this look or choose your own color palette. Faux locs aka Goddess locs continue to dominate the style scene. Each pack comes with 18 pre-locd’ and pre-looped strands ready for a fast and easy crochet install.

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