2016 Philadelphia Bacon and Beer Festival

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The Oregon Brewers Festival says they host around 80,000 beer lovers annually. The scenic five-day festival takes place on the shores of the Willamette River with the Portland skyline in the background. The 2016 festival will feature 84 craft breweries from across the country offering 30 different styles of beer. The Philly Craft Beer Festival just celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2016. Forbes Traveler called it one of the best beer fests in the country.

The third most-entered category was American-Style Pale Ale with 167 entries. The second most-entered category was Imperial India Pale Ale with 181 entries. In Argentina, a town called Villa General Belgrano in the Córdoba Province has an Oktoberfest that is well-known and the biggest in the country. The Great International Beer Festival is held in Providence, Rhode Island twice annually. Our team will fill you in on the best options to make your concert an unforgettable experience.

Held in Tempe, Arizona since 1990 it features 50 breweries offering more than 200 varieties of frosty suds. The event benefits and is run by Sun Sounds of Arizona, a non-profit providing reading services to the blind. The organization also runs beer festivals in Tucson and Flagstaff. On Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, 2017, America’s only monthly extreme music magazine is bringing the loudest, heaviest two-day craft beer festival in the world to The Fillmore Philadelphia.

Festival of Good Beer – in Wrocław, held every year on the second weekend of June. Other beer festivals include the Hanover Schützenfest, the Freimarkt in Bremen, the Hamburger Dom, the Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest, the Cranger Funfair, the Düsseldorf Funfair. Like the Oktoberfest and the Cannstatter Volksfest, most German beer festivals are also funfairs. Many places have beer festivals styled as “Oktoberfests”, but taken on its own the name is generally taken to mean for the Munich event. Smaller beer festivals similar to the Oktoberfest are common in Germany and take place throughout the year in most bigger German cities. Some of them go on later into the night than the Oktoberfest.

A beer festival is an event at which a variety of beers are available for purchase. There may be a theme, for instance beers from a particular area, or a particular brewing style such as winter ales. Since this is a metal and beer fest, there will be two ticketing options for each day. The “Metal and Beer” str_replace in r ticket—only 25 per day remain—gives you access to pours from all of the breweries, as well as admittance to that day’s show. The “Just Metal” option just gives you access to the show. Those that buy the “Just Metal” tickets can still purchase beers from selected participating breweries on-tap at the venue.

Mike and I headed to the Zoo on July 16th, his birthday, and one of his favorite events in the Summer, The Philly Zoo Summer Ale Fest. A few pixs appeared on Metro Philly, but I wanted to give you more info and pixs here…. For nearly a decade, Decibel has fostered the brotherhood between the craft beer and metal worlds with its monthly “Brewtal Truth” column written by award-winning beer writer Adem Tepedelen. Now, the two worlds will be united in one glorious weekend of extreme sound and suds in Philadelphia.

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