20 Questions About the Executive Assessment Exam Answered

When I did my questions on the exam, I put on the Stefan mindset hat and questions was easier. Like how a good journalist can smell something is off. The quantitative reasoning section of questions consists of data sufficiency las vegas police uniform and problem-solving questions. EA Tutor provides great free resources for the Executive Assessment with the goal of giving every student a chance at proper preparation no matter where they are in the process.

If you’re not sure which kind of graduate program you want, you might take the GRE. The EA is only appropriate if you have 8 plus years of full-time work experience and intend to apply to only executive MBA programs. I think the other thing is students, for whatever reason, are reluctant to take full-length practice tests.

At the same time, this exam is designed to measure skills that are critical both at work and in a business program. Like high order reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis. What’s more, Executive Assessment is slowly gaining popularity and is being accepted by more and more business schools worldwide.

The general question types within each section are the same. In an effort to put most of the procedural information you need about the Executive Assessment exam at your fingertips, we have pulled together a list of 20 frequently asked questions about the exam. We address everything from prep to registration to test day, all on one page. Decided for the Executive Assessment over the GMAT because of time?

So, the argument does not depend on the assumption that mice WOULD NOT become ill if they were to eat the cayenne pepper placed around a house. The evidence used is that mice are repelled by cayenne pepper. In other words, the evidence is that mice don’t like cayenne pepper and avoid it.

Get started right now with Prep Executive’s interactive course, expert live coaching, and more. It’s 100% risk-free with the 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Go to the official GMAC EA website, create an account, find a test location, and register.

They include Integrated Reasoning, (Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Multisource Reasoning, Table Analysis), Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Data Sufficiency among others. Getting an MBA is a fundamental step towards many dream careers. For many decades standardized tests have been a huge part of the graduate and MBA application processes. The target scores of such exams vary from school to school, but there is a certain minimum score… Number one is the “what.” There is content you’re going to have to learn like how to solve for X in simultaneous equations.

Many graduate business programs, particularly executive MBA programs, have experience requirements. Executive MBA programs tend to be designed for professionals with 10 to 15 years of experience, and at least some of that experience in management. Research the eligibility requirements with the schools and programs you’re intending to apply to before you sign up for your entrance exam.

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