17 Best Greek Islands To Visit in 2022

Greece is a land renowned for its beauty, its location on the Mediterranean Sea, and its rich history. After all, Greece’s city-state Athens dominated the seas with its navy in the ancient world. We’ll also show you how many islands are in this country, how big they are, and how they’re governed. With stunning beaches and a rich history that goes back to Homer’s Odyssey, the many archaeological sites tell stories of life throughout different eras on this beautiful island. Due to its proximity to the Asia Minor, Samos is one of the only Greek islands with direct ferry routes to and from Turkey.

However, because it is so well-known and popular, expect to be surrounded by many other tourists on your visit. Myrina is the principal town on the island, as well as the seat of the municipality. With a population of a little over 8,000, Myrina is also home to nearly half of the island’s entire population. The city is also home to the busiest harbor on the island, which is regularly serviced with ferries from Athens, Laurium, Kavala, and Thessaloniki. It’s situated in the North Aegean Sea, south of the island of Lesbos. This island is best known for the export of mastic gum, which is popularly called “tears of Chios”.

Among the most popular summer destinations in Europe, Greece offers incredible locations for an outstanding beach holiday. It’s no surprise that so many have mused of Greece’s beauty and penned inspiring quotes about Greece! However, it is not always easy to choose where exactly to go, since there are so many stunning Greek Islands worth visiting, especially if this is your first time planning a trip to Greece. Rhodes – Rhodes is the smaller than Lesbos and occupies 541 square miles.

One of the most idyllic islands in Greece, Folegandros is largely undiscovered and features a wild beauty and remote beaches. The harbour is lined with shops, hotels, and restaurants where you can taste some authentic Greek seafood cuisine. You can state trooper nc salary find the evidence in the Old Town of Chania with its Ottoman mosque, Turkish hammams, Venetian harbour, and Byzantine ramparts. To learn more about the island’s history, you can head out to the Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum.

Known for being the ‘supermodel’ of the Greek Islands, Santorini’s dramatic black cliffs, white-washed architecture, and striking blue-domed churches create a unique visual identity. Santorini is known for having more churches than houses, and more wine than water . A 4×4, or quad, is the most fun option to get around the Greek islands on. However, at around €40 a day, it’s an expensive one so it may not be for you if you are concerned about Greek travel costs. You’ll need an advanced reservation during the high season to rent one of these bad boys.

The Minoan civilization was overrun by the Mycenaean civilization from mainland Greece. Crete was later ruled by Rome, then successively by the Byzantine Empire, Andalusian Arabs, the Venetian Republic, and the Ottoman Empire. In 1898 Crete, whose people had for some time wanted to join the Greek state, achieved independence from the Ottomans, formally becoming the Cretan State. Other sites to see in Aegina would include the Agion Theodoron Church, the Tower of Markellos, and the Temple of Apollo. Located in the Saronic Gulf and an hour away from Athens, Aegina makes the perfect day trip for tourists and Athenians. Spend the day in Naoussa – a charming fishing town with great seafood, coffee, beaches, and taverns.

The island offers loads of organized tours that explore the villages and shores with some cultural and historic context. Whatever you want to do, you’ll find it on Skiathos, along with many other tourists. It is situated in the region of the Ionian Islands, and together with its satellite islands, it forms part of the country’s northwestern frontier. Corfu is the fifth most populous of all the Greek islands, with a total population of more than 102,000. It’s also one of the most densely populated islands, with a population density of 170 residents per kilometer squared.

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