15 Top Rib Tattoo Ideas To Look Awesome!

Looking at a butterfly tattoo opens your imagination so you appreciate the natural beauty of butterflies. You imagine images of the real live butterflies flying in the air pollinating flowers. They show you are warm-hearted, friendly and love life.

Los Angeles-based artist Antonina Rostra has a very unique color style that is on full display in this tattoo. You can see her work is realistic, but with most details smoothed out. Here we see the common theme of a half-butterfly made full with two pink roses. This tattoo is unique and unlike any other butterfly tattoo I’ve ever seen. Yet all it’s simply a yellow butterfly with a cool-looking pattern of smoke waves or curls of water laid over it.

Those with a low pain tolerance should choose small tattoo designs. Some of our favorite butterfly tattoo styles are the simplest, such as tiny minimalist or simple geometric designs. A butterfly rib tattoo can be done using black ink or ink of any other color. However, black ink is the best and most commonly used ink for tattoos as it looks stunning and more prominent on any skin color. This is important because the ink of that tattoo or tattoo is going to last on your skin for the rest of your life. Butterflies are commonly used in rib tattoos for women.

A branch tattoo like this defines love for nature and its delicacy. The meaning of a dragon tattoo varies from one place to another. For example, in Eastern cultures, dragons represent wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.

In this case I would definitely recommend building upon the butterfly and working up the arm, as the butterfly alone is quite bold. Marta Peri, out of Brescia, Italy, is a watercolor pro. The linework detail of the actual butterfly is really simple and clean too.

Small and delicate tattoos are good choices because they won’t get damaged easily. Tattoos should be done on the nape of your necks or halfway down your spines. You can also use them as a symbol of love and passion. They’re one of the least painful spots on the body, fitbit inspire 2 water lock so they’re perfect for beginners. There are tons of different butterfly tattoo styles, ranging from realistic to watercolor tattoos, Neo-traditional tattoos to Celtic tattoo style. Rib cage tattoos fall under the category of super sexy tattoo ideas for a woman.

Centering the design on your forearm gives you instant badass credibility, that can be covered up if need be. Want to surprise your colleague and let them know you’re not a pushover? Simply roll up your sleeves and watch their jaw drop. A ribcage tattoo can be scary for some because it is known to be a painful spot. However, I hope you will be able to get over that fear when you see these rib cage tattoo inspirations. They always look so pretty when they are done and can prove they are worth all the pain.

Whether you are someone already with a tattoo are just looking to get your first tattoo. You may want to figure out some ideas, like what speaks to you. Bring together the natural and scientific realms of thinking. Nature is expressed by the butterfly and science by the exotic angles and shapes in the image.

An extremely minimal piece of ink, like this safety pin, won’t make a major impact—but that’s exactly the point. For a more restrained look, keep it small and simple. Although a side tattoo can be large, it doesn’t have to be. A dainty tattoo, like these colored florals, only serves to make more of a statement.

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