10 Best Demon Slayer Swords Ranked

Gyomei Himejima is a Demon Slayer Corps member that hasn’t gotten much of a chance to shine outside of the manga at this point, but he wields one of the most creative Demon Slayer tools. Gyomei’s blade is grey, which makes sense since he’s the Corps’ Stone Pillar representative and stoic and relaxed in nature. However, rather bodybuilders with bad genetics than a conventional sword, Gyomei’s weapon is a hand ax with a dangerous spiked attachment. It certainly adds some variety to the swords and hopefully it will get more attention in the future. Another aspect of individuality that’s present with each sword is the unique handguard that protects the wielder from its blade.

Being the first breathing style that gave birth to other styles, it would symbolically further make sense why the Sun Breathing style users have black blades. For one, there are not enough black blade users that one could base anything off of. The origin of the Water Breathing, the light pink Nachirin blade symbolizes the Flower which is utilized by Kanao Tsuyuri as well as Kanae Koucho, the twin demon slayers who created their Breathing. These conditions allow the ore to be infused with sunlight, which is the only significant weakness that demons face.

Every sword in Demon Slayer has a different color, and the sword colors have meanings as well. In that regard, let’s look at the best swords in the Demon Slayer anime. A nichirin blade exceeds its powers and capabilities when it turns crimson red. This is different from the usual red of the nichirin blade of a Flame Hashira. While he lists the basic five breathing styles, there is no mention of the Sun Breathing. This color of the sword comes with techniques that are derived from wind breathing.

Spoilers are ahead for both the anime and manga, proceed at your own risk. Obanai mentions that the blade turns red when the user is“pushing himself to the brink of death”. Both Tanjiro and Yoriichi managed to get their blades to turn crimson. The seemingly tragic lives of both Sun Breathers is why its a popular fan theory that their blades are black. Both saw their siblings becoming demonized and suffered the horrors of picking up a sword and watching comrades die. While this is not meant to invalidate the struggles of the other characters, some who arguably suffered worst background stories than Tanjiro, both Yoriichi and Tanjiro have similarities.

That said, it’s a good real-life interpretation of the design since the white stands out nicely against the black paint of the blade. This isn’t for lack of trying, but because the sword is shown to have a flexible, whip-like blade when in the hands of its canonical wielder. That said, the Love Hashira probably won’t mind this beautiful pink, white, blue, and black sword that features an enamel-filled tsuba. While that’s badass from a fan’s perspective, it also means that you’re going to need to buy two replicas of this samurai sword to have the complete pair. Otaku Ninja Hero’s indigo gray nichirin blade replica makes that possible on a budget. Both Tanjiro’s teacher Urokodaki and Hotaru expected the sword to take on the color red due to his burgundy tinted hair and eyes, and even declared the color to be a stroke of good luck.

During the fight against Muzan, when Sanemi forcefully clashed his sword with Giyu’s, both of their blade colors changed temporarily to red. However, there have been only a few characters whose swords have changed colors such as Tomioka, and Sanemi. Taking all of these into account, we can conclude that the user’s breathing style has a significant impact on the sword’s color.

The red Nichirin blade, wielded by Rengoku Kyojuro and it symbolises flame or fire. Just like Zenitsu’s sword, Rengoku’s blade took a different unique types of pattern on it. Just like the flames, the father and son are shown to be people of strong and loud personalities. Not only does the light-absorbing ore of her blade deal damage, but also the Wisteria Poison allows her to kill demons just as efficiently as the rest of her comrades. Just like the wind’s unpredictability, Sanemi has proven to be a whirlwind of a character. While Masachika is shown to be an open and kind Demon Slayer, not much is known about him prior to his death.

Although, when he is needed, he explodes and can kill a demon easily. Much like the red blade, his sword is patterned with a lightning bolt that runs down the blade, so he might be shy, but his sword is powerful. Hanae noted that multiple responses to his career involved him portraying sad characters. However, in Tanjiro’s case, he said Tanjiro is on the easy side because he says what he thinks, and is not the type that thinks one way and other things.

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